Seeking for Kind Assessment of Writing Task 2

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himal thapa
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Seeking for Kind Assessment of Writing Task 2

Post by himal thapa » Thu May 18, 2017 7:36 pm

Some people think that there should be strict laws to control the amount of noise a person makes because of the disturbance it causes to people. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages."

Owing to the negative consequences of noise pollution, few people think that it is important to have hard-and-fast rules and regulations to control sound a person creates. In my opinion, I totally agree with this idea because controlling noise effectively would improve people's health, as well as it would provide better environment for a person to concentrate on work or study.

The main reason to support adoption of strict legislation is that the high levels of noise has very detrimental effect on a person's health status, which leads the person to become more vulnerable to psychological disorders. As noise exerts adverse effects to the brain, it ultimately causes damage to the body either by directly affecting the body or by increasing chances of other diseases to occur. For example, people who are working at steel factories, which expose their staffs to higher level of noise, are likely to be facing issues with hearing at the later stage of their life.Even, it has been found that new-born babies are very much vulnerable to high level of noise. So, formulation and implementation of strict rules for the restriction of noise production would definitely provide people with a better environment to live.

In addition, strict rules will also result in lower amount of noise, while offering people to concentrate on their work or study. This measure would also reduce the chances of arguments that might happen in, otherwise, a noise place due to irritating sounds made by careless people.Thus, a strict rule will make everyone very much concern about their responsibilities they have to safeguard themselves as well as the other members of the society.

In conclusion, I totally believe that incorporation of strict rules and regulation will be one of the best initiatives to restrict the amount of noise production of an individual. This is because better health and convenient environment to help individuals becoming proactive can only be possible by reducing the high level of noise, which is only possible through adoption of hard-and-fast legislation.

Seeking for Kind Assessment of Writing Task 2



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Re: Seeking for Kind Assessment of Writing Task 2

Post by tanwiejohnson » Fri May 19, 2017 7:55 pm

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