Please, evaluate my task 1

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Please, evaluate my task 1

Post by ilitty » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:17 am


The charts below show the proportion of British students at one university in England who were able to speak other languages in addition to English, in 2000 and 2010.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The given two pie charts represents the differences in the proportion of students in one university in England who are speaking foreign languages, besides English in 2000 and in 2010.

As is presented, in both years the major part of the students do not speak any foreign languages, in 2000 30 per cent of the students, which has risen to 35 per cent in 2010. Excluding the German speaking students and the proportion of these who are speaking two foreign languages, all other figures have decrease with 5 per cent.
The most significant fall is in the percentage of Spanish, while in 2000 it have been spoken by 20 per cent of the students, in 2010 they are only 10 per cent. Other remarkable change is that the proportion of students who are speaking two foreign languages have risen by 5 per cent in 2010.
To sum up, meanwhile the proportion of the students who are speaking only English is growing and the other languages shares are decreasing, there can be seen an upward trend among the srudents who are speaking two other languages.

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Re: Please, evaluate my task 1

Post by David.IELTS.Examiner » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:12 am


The only real problem - and unfortunately, it's a BIG one - is that you haven't included enough of the statistical information. This is necessary when only a limited amount of data (12 in this case) is in the diagrams. Vocabulary is good, and would be better if more data was included, I'm going to guess. There are mistakes in grammar, but these do not affect meaning.

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