Teachers are dime a dozen. But, finding the right teacher is as wearisome as finding a needle in a hay-stack.

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prabhakar reddy
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Teachers are dime a dozen. But, finding the right teacher is as wearisome as finding a needle in a hay-stack.

Post by prabhakar reddy » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:46 am

The ladder to success is difficult to climb, but such arduous and painstaking climb will become as easy as duck taking to water when trained and guided by a knowledgeable mentor.

Here is one such IDEAL mentor that you have been, desperately, looking for.

My name is Prabhakar Reddy and I am from India. I am a Professor of English language and also a Trainer of IELTS, with 14 years of experience of teaching IELTS to various students, across the world.

I have abundant experience of teaching IELTS, and have groomed several students in getting good band scores. I have the uncanny adroitness of casting a spell on the minds of the students to initiate eagerness to explore the English language to the effect of not only improving their standards of English but also making them equip with enough knowledge to crack this tough exam.

LISTENING MODULE: This is one module that requires a lot of focus and attention in following different accents. I will teach you very good tips which will help you get your required Band score, without any scintilla of doubt.

READING MODULE: I will teach you copious shortcuts & techniques in making IELTS Reading comprehension easy, without the rigmarole of your going through the ordeal of reading the whole passage, laboriously. Just try my shortcuts and help yourself do the answers with accuracy.

WRITING MODULE: I will make you write a minimum number of 30 essays(Optional), during my course study, besides teaching you the art of writing commendable essays. Each essay will be personally scrutinized by me, in your presence, on Skype, and invaluable suggestions to improve your grammatical accuracy, grammatical range, sentence structures, your views, adaptable vocabulary and phrases, etc will be meticulously taught to you, besides giving your essay a possible Band score so that you can come to know the standards of your writing skills which will help you better yourself in course of time.

SPEAKING MODULE: I will try five or six of 200 frequently-asked speaking questions with you, in every class and the answers you give will be analyzed by me, with a critical observation, by pointing out your errors in grammar, sentence structures, vocabulary, coherence, accent, spontaneity, etc so that you will be able to learn how to better your speaking skills, after when you listen to the right answers from me. This everyday practice will help you pass the SPEAKING MODULE, with a 7 or more band score, without any hassles.

Moreover, I have excellent pedantic skills of inculcating you the subtle nuances of the English language to your effective assimilation. Besides, I have a great repertoire of copious vocabulary and catchy idiomatic phrases tucked in the crevices of my memory which will be taught to you as a part of my teaching to make sure you write and speak efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, I have exemplary skills of making you articulate your ideas and views explicitly in the English language which will enable you to develop the necessary oomph, vigour, and confidence during the exam. And the icing on the cake is that I will teach you GRAMMAR, which is quite essential for one to write or speak with accuracy.

If you are interested to get groomed by me, contact me to know how I will make you armed to the teeth to secure your required band by listening to my demo class.The details of my COURSE STUDY AND THE FEE STRUCTURE will be sent to you if you contact me.

So, In order to get to know more about me, please, contact me on my mobile phone +919550724029 or by email: preddy2407@gmail.com or through my Skype ID: prabhakar.reddy2407 to get ONLINE teaching through SKYPE classes.

Best wishes,

Prof. P Prabhakar Reddy
IELTS Trainer

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